Panther Archery Team!

Archery-Team-2014-1Our first ever Parent School Archery Team had a fantastic season!  The students, who had no prior experience in archery, finished SECOND PLACE in the FIYA League! Four students qualified to compete in the City Championship. High ranking students (top 10), Skylar Fomond, Lauren Dorsey, Aniya Pickett, and Alfredo Vasquez then qualified for the Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) State Championship which was held on Saturday, May 23rd at El Dorado Park, in Long Beach. All four students finished in the top 20. Skylar won a fourth place medal. Students on the team enjoyed learning a new skill, meeting students from other schools, and hitting bulls-eyes! Thank you to Coaches: Mr. Gregory, Mr. Sandoval, Mrs. Vallejo, and Mrs. White